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Nature Links
Coffee, tea and socialising with festival participants to start off the day with a good vibe. Free admission and 10% discount for festival attendees based on a valid film reservation.
Antarctica 3D
When a film is designed and created to be seen on a big screen, the immersive experience is guaranteed. Produced for BBC Earth and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, the film takes us to the frozen realm of this continent to meet the animals that must endure perhaps the harshest conditions on the planet. But at the same time, it talks about the issue of climate change and shows how what's happening in Antarctica affects us all. This 3D documentary is an experience not to be missed. 
Admission is free with a valid reservation. Please bring your 3D glasses if you have them, and those who don't will get them at the cinema.

This documentary will be screened only in English. 

Q&A with Codruța Florea & Dan Dinu
During a festival, Dan met Jonathan Williams, the film's producer and discussed the challenges BBC Earth takes on for these grandiose projects, and some of these stories you'll hear in this Q&A session.
Codruța has travelled to Antarctica several times and she will be able to share with you a few interesting aspects about the expeditions in this incredible place, one of the planet's last truly wild frontiers.

Online bookings have been entirely taken for this screening, but we are waiting for you directly at the cinema where we can still offer access depending on remaining seats or cancellations.
45 min, English language
Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch
Directed by Fredi Devas, USA 2021

Making of Wild Transylvania
Masterclass with John Murray & Cosmin Dumitrache
In this masterclass we invite you behind the scenes of the Wild Transylvania documentary to find out more about the work involved by such a production. John Murray, the film's director and producer and one of our special guests, will tell us about the challenges to film in such a wild country, but also about how to sell such a story to potential distributors or broadcasters. Cosmin Dumitrache, one of the directors of Wild Romania documentary, will tell us about how it was to film with the Irish colleagues for this documentary and about the challenges on the field. 
If you are passionate about documentaries or nature in general, don't miss this masterclass that will take you behind the scenes of an international production. 
Admission is free subject to availability.

The language of this masterclass will be English.​​​​​​​
The Raven's Tale
The joy of childhood fairy tales, where enchanted forests and dark castles were keeping us awake at night, can be found in this documentary, where a raven guides us through the magical world of Czech nature. Filmed in a way that evokes the spirit of a fairy tale, the documentary shows us in a unique way how nature works, as it sometimes combines the animation with the classical shots. Winner of the Audience Award at Green Screen Film Festival, this film is not to be missed by the young ones, let alone by the grown up ones. 
Admission is free with a valid reservation*.
Q&A with Michael Schlamberger
The director of the film comes to Brașov to tell us more about this documentary and the challenges behind the camera. With vast experience, Michael directed and produced numerous films about nature, including one about the Danube, in which he also filmed a lot in our country.

Online bookings have been entirely taken for this screening, but we are waiting for you directly at the cinema where we can still offer access depending on remaining seats or cancellations.
52 min, English language with Romanian subtitle
Directed by Michael Schlamberger, Czech Republic 2022
Lynx Festival Gala
The closing gala of the festival will host the award ceremony of the Milvus International Photography Competition and the awarding of the Audience Award for Best Film. This gala event gives you the opportunity to get to know the photographers and filmmakers invited to the festival better and to take part in an event full of little surprises. 
Admission is free subject to availability.

Lynx Festival Party
After lots of film screenings and other events, time has come to relax and to celebrate the closing of the festival, in a special place where we can enjoy a glass of wine and good music. 
Admission is free and there will be a 10% discount for the festival participants, based on a valid reservation.
* Your ticket guarantees your seat reservation, but in order not to lose access to the cinema, it must be scanned 15 minutes before the screening starts. Please respect the scheduled times in the programme.​​​​​​​
* If you have a reservation and you are unable to attend the screening, we encourage you to send us a message and we will give someone else a chance to attend. Thus you are helping us to run the festival in the best possible conditions and to promote good behaviour.​​​​​​​
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